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iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller: Install & Review Guide
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iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller: Install & Review

The iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller claims to “unlock the power of your 4WD” and “reduce throttle lag, to increase the drivability of your truck”. Does it live up to its word?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “Nah mate, I’ll forget the 4WD Throttle Controller, keep my $300 bucks and just press the accelerator pedal harder to get the same result”.

Can you tell I was skeptical about this type of product? Well, I was but I decided to give the iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller a crack and see for myself. After all, I prefer to make my own conclusions, rather than just jump on board with someone else’s opinions.

iDrive Throttle Controller - box set

Installing the 4WD Throttle Controller

Before you grab a cold beverage and settle in for a good old technical run through…Spoiler alert! This will (probably) be the quickest install guide I ever write for 4WD Addiction!

The whole install literally took less than 5 minutes. I spent more time trying to photograph the process of installing the 4WD Throttle Controller, due to some challenging lighting conditions at my campsite.

Step 1: Unplug the factory harness cable from your accelerator cable.

Step 2: Plug the iDrive cable into the accelerator pedal

iDrive Throttle Controller

Step 3: Plug the factory cable into the socket on the iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller piggyback adaptor.

iDrive Throttle Controller

Step 4: Using the M3 mounting tape (already on the back of the iDrive display) mount the display to your dash in your desired location.

iDrive Throttle Controller

Step 5: Done! No seriously, that’s it. It doesn’t get any easier than that. In fact, if you know how to plug something in, you have all the skills required for this job.

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iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller Review

I would love to write that I was correct to be skeptical, that these devices are just a substitute for actually using your right boot. But that wouldn’t be strictly (or at all) true.

The truth is, I bloody love this little thing; the difference it has made to my Patrol is outrageous.

iDrive Throttle Controller

iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller Settings

For those who don’t know, the iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller gives you 19 settings of throttle customisation.

Nine “Ultimate Modes” (faster throttle response), nine “Economy Modes” (reduced throttle responses) and the unique “Auto Mode”, which automatically chooses a setting depending on how fast and hard the throttle is applied

I’ve been using the iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller for about 4 weeks now. I’ve had the chance to test it in various driving conditions. Towing the camper, highway driving, around town, dirt roads and off-road.

For bitumen driving, I’ve settled on “Ultimate level 3”.


How does it feel to drive?

It makes the car feel so much more responsive. I’ve tried to replicate this effect by simply pressing harder on the accelerator but it just doesn’t perform in the same fashion.

The increased throttle response is awesome when driving on sealed roads but for me the ability to “detune” the accelerator for off-road situations is the real unsung ability of the iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller.

I’ve always found my Patrol’s accelerator to be very touchy in low range. It’s very easy to apply too much power during rocky hill climbs and cause unwanted wheel spin.

Patrol Rocky Hill Climb

Accelerator Sensitivity

The iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller allows me to reduce the sensitivity of the loud pedal to make it more suited to off-road use (how hard was that Nissan?).

It gives me nine levels of control over the vehicle acceleration, allowing me to customise my pedal feel for different terrains. Think low sensitivity on sand to avoid the tyres digging down and causing the 4×4 to get bogged.

iDrive Throttle Controller Box

iDrive 4WD Throttle Controller: Final Thoughts

In the 4WD world, $300 doesn’t usually get you much, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the iDrive. My Patrol is better (and more fun) to drive, on and off-road. I’m actually annoyed that I didn’t give it ago earlier!

I’ve said it before, but I love a company who back their products. iDrive offer a lifetime warranty on the iDrive and also provide a 30 day money back guarantee.  Now that’s seriously backing their product.

iDrive Throttle Controller

If you want more information on the iDrive, check out the website: www.idriveaustralia.com.au

Full Disclosure:  This review isn’t paid for or sponsored in any way but I was sent a demo unit for the purpose of reviewing. As always, if it sucked, I’d tell you.


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  • Harry says:

    Does this device Void your new car warranty [Ranger wildtrax 2019] 5 year warranty
    regards Harry

    • Elliot Mann says:

      G’day Harry,

      iDrive have told me that they have never had a customers new car warranty claim refused due to the fitment of their product.

      If you still have concerns it might be a good idea to reach out to iDrive directly but I think you would be right.

      You can reach them directly at sales@idriveaustralia.com.au

  • Keto says:

    Very helpful advice in this particular article!

    It is the little changes that produce the largest changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Phill says:

    My car has started blowing a bit of white smoke after fitting the idrive has any one else had this happen my car is a Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ79

    • Elliot Mann says:

      Hi Phill,

      I’ve never heard of that before. The iDrive simply allows you to change your throttle position maps so I don’t see how it could cause any white smoke from your 79. Might be an idea to disconnect it and see if the problem persists? I would also have your mechanic check over the vehicle just to be on the safe side.


  • Phill says:

    Yep all good mate is a leaky injector

  • Grant says:

    I’ve just fitted one to my NW Paj and holy f*** it’s like fitting a supercharger to the thing!!!!!! Love it🤩, but did your car have a rough ideal and surging just after you fitted it? Mine did, but it seems to be going. It must take a while to learn you map.

    • Elliot Mann says:

      Hey Grant,

      Makes a huge difference ey! Awesome bang for buck. I personally didn’t have any issues like your describing and i’m not sure how the iDrive would cause those issue but every car is different. Has it returned to normal yet?


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