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Keep the Dust Out of Your 4WD - 4WD Addiction
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Keep the Dust Out of Your 4WD

Keep the dust out and your 4WD clean with this amazingly simple trick and change the way you travel offroad!

Dusty 4wd

There’s no denying that half the charm of getting out in the bush and away from the city is being able to get a little dirty. But when that dirt turns into an expensive detailing bill after each trip, you have to ask yourself, is there anything I can do?

You will be pleased to hear that thanks to a tip from a good mate of ours (Cheers Mikey), the answer is yes!

Now if you’re driving a 2017 Patrol with all the bells and whistles, this might not be as relevant to you. There’s probably some fancy device which uses lasers to keep dust at a 5m radius. But for those of us without all the fancy tech (or even a decent set of door seals) there is a really simple solution.

Nissan GQ patrol

Pressurise the Cabin (captain!)

The best way to keep dust out of all the cracks (without using a roll of gaffa tape) is to make sure the cabin of your 4×4 is pressurised. I’m not talking about oxygen tanks hanging from the ceiling. All you need to do is have your aircon pumping (at the correct settings).

Make sure all your windows are rolled up (for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain!) and set your A/C so that you are sucking in fresh air (not recycling it). Cold or hot, it doesn’t matter, so make yourself comfortable!

By pumping in new fresh air, the inside of the 4WD is at a higher pressure than the outside, which means all that dust flying around you is being pushed away by the air moving out all the cracks. Think of this as a dust forcefield,  keeping all that nasty dust outside, where it belongs.

Aircon settings

It should be noted that this only works when the air in front of you is clean. If your trailing behind another car, particularly one kicking up dust, then this will only make the situation worse, as you’ll be sucking dust INTO your cabin (and lungs).

Besides, if you’re that close, your well within range of a stray rock coming straight at your windscreen! When traveling in convoy, there is no need to be right up behind another vehicle. Back off so you are driving in clean air, you will be able to see clearly, avoid dust clogging your air filter and enjoy the views.

Remember touring isn’t a race, take your time.

I hope that helps, if it’s a new tip for you, try it out on your next trip and let us know what you think!

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