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Get Out Bush Quicker - Plan Like a Pro - 4WD Addiction
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Get Out Bush Quicker – Plan Like a Pro

By August 9, 2017Camping, Tips, Trips

Save time when planning your next 4WD trip. We outline how to plan your quick escape from the city to the bush.

Tasmania Off Road

It’s no stretch to say, we 4WDers love a long weekend more than most.

Sure, every hard working Aussie looks forward to a break from work. It’s a time to catch up on your favourite Netflix shows or just chill out on the couch, but for 4WDers the long weekend brings with it the promise of adventure!

We live for it. The feeling that anything could happen. That’s why I get so excited to drive new tracks and explore new regions. There’s every chance you could find the perfect campsite or discover that dream fishing spot. You know, the one where the fish never stop biting.

For quick overnighters, my Patrol is ready to go at a moment’s notice. That’s the beauty of having a set of drawers installed in the back of your 4WD; you can keep a huge amount of your camping & 4WDing gear permanently loaded in the vehicle. Along with the usual cooking gear and my trusty sleeping bag, I also keep a few beers and a cheeky bottle of Jack stashed in the drawers. This is always helpful when you don’t have time to swing past a bottle-O.

Its all about making it easy to get out there, I find that by removing any barriers in my way, I spend way more time out bush and less time dreaming about it. This can be as simple as leaving the truck packed to save an hour before every trip.

I love it this way, I literally decide to go, chuck some food in the fridge and hit the road. There’s also the added benefit of never forgetting something important, like your sleeping bag or even worse, your beer!

Traveling with a group requires slightly more preparation than rolling solo, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

First things first, make a plan (even a rough one). I like to lock in the first nights camp (usually Friday night), and make the important decisions, like what roasts to cook and how many slabs will it take to keep the boys hydrated?

Of course, for the long weekend trips I carry a few more supplies (not just extra beer). I usually pack the big GU the night before departure, that way I’m ready to roll as soon as I clock off on Friday arvo. With any luck I’ll get away early enough to beat the traffic.

First, pack the fridge with all the cold food and a generous supply of “refreshments”. Handy tip, run your fridge off 240V the night before the trip. This will ensure it gets down to operating temp much quicker and also saves draining your deep cycle battery unnecessarily.

Next, chuck in the entire campfire cooking kit, ovens, hot plate, frying pan and wrought iron fire mate (my secret weapon for campfire cooking). Keep an eye out for the upcoming blog showcasing the “Fire Mate”, as its come to be known.

Finally, pack any additional camp furniture or essentials that don’t always live in the rig.  Take a minute to run through a quick final checklist to ensure nothings been forgotten. I keep my check list in the “Notes” app on my phone. Its always close to hand and quick to edit if I need to make any amendments.

Now, the trucks packed you just have to make it through, what will feel like the longest Friday in history! Don’t stress tho, soon you will be relaxing around the bush telly, watching your favourite channel.

Catch you on the tracks,


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