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The Big Lap: Why I quit my job to Live Drive & Explore
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The Big Lap: Why I quit my job to Live Drive & Explore

Doing the Big Lap is a dream that many (if not all), 4WD and camping enthusiasts share. Why aren’t enough of us getting it done?

We want to escape the cities, the working week and live the dream of traveling Australia on the Big Lap, without worrying about being back to the grind on Monday morning.

It’s freedom that we yearn for. But what’s really stopping us from doing the Big Lap?

Making the decision to sell up and hit the road isn’t an easy one; there will be hundreds of reasons not to do it, work, the house, friends and family. But you quickly discover that these “reasons not to go” are simply excuses that you make for yourself.

Stop making excuses and just do it! If you want this, then make it happen. If you think your excuses out weigh your dream, it might not mean as much to you as you think.

I recently made this very decision. To quit my job, sell everything I own (that can’t fit into the Patrol) and hit the road on the big lap to live my dream and travel Australia without restraint.

I’m actually writing this blog as I kick back beside a campfire. Do I regret the decision? Hell no! Furthermore, I’ve never spoken to a single person who regrets the decision to live their dream.

I’m not saying it’s easy, nothing worth doing is easy, but if you want it, you can make it happen. I’ve dreamt of getting back on the road since my last big trip. About five years go, I drove from Perth to Melbourne over three months; it was an amazing trip and something I will never forget.  This was not even a half of the big lap, but since then I’ve wanted to travel without time constraints and I’ve finally made that dream a reality.

It’s an old saying, “life’s too short”, but its right on the money. Don’t wait to live your dreams. You don’t know what’s around the corner, so why take the risk. Live while your young, I promise you will not regret it.

If you need any more inspiration or help getting your affairs in order, don’t worry; I’ll be sharing heaps of info from my own experience. Ideas like, how to maximize your savings, smart ways to save money on the road, and why you don’t need a huge bank account to get started on the big lap!

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